Dec 10th

Expanded Awareness Induction: an example

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Below is an induction in Expanded Awareness, the hallmark of Humanist Hypnosis.

What is Humanist Hypnosis you may wonder?  It is a new approach to hypnosis which seeks to expand a person’s level of consciousness or awareness to give them greater control over their lives and unconscious processes.  It is different from traditional forms of hypnosis in that it uses language to “wake up” a person rather than putting him or her to sleep.  This higher level of consciousness allows the person to stay in control (the therapist is only a guide), see the “big picture” and make changes in areas of their lives that would have been impossible or very difficult otherwise.  I have explained the approach in greater detail on other areas of the site, but if you would like to hear what a Humanist induction sounds like, feel free to download or listen to the MP3 below.

The original text of the session below was written by Olivier Lockert, hypnotherapist, author and found of the Institut Français d’Hypnose Ericksonienne.  It has been translated and spoken by yours truly, Alicia Dunnam Vincent.  This induction as well as many others (in a variety of languages) can be found at this link:

Although it is presented as a self-hypnosis recording, and, as such, can have beneficial effects as is…it’s important to keep in mind that that in real life, humanist hypnosis is a highly participative process between the person and the therapist.  Although the person retains all control, the presence of the therapist is indispensable to keep the person grounded and to guide him or her through the experience, providing insight as necessary.  Obviously, this interaction is simply not possible with a mere recording!

Enjoy!  And if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session, feel free to contact me.





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